Uses for Retaining Walls in Your Outdoor Area

hardscaping allegheny county paWhen it comes to retaining walls, many homeowners only think of them for utilitarian purposes for keeping soil in place. There are many unique uses for retaining walls that can be incorporated into your lawn to create a beautiful space. Below we list many useful ideas for retaining walls in your outdoor area.

  • The main purpose of a retaining wall is to keep your soil in place where elevation is sloped or uneven. These hardscaping features help stabilize your lawn and can prevent soil from eroding.
  • Many homeowners utilize retaining walls to display beautiful arrangements of flowers to create a focal point for their lawn. Retaining walls are raised and texturized which already offer style to your outdoor area, but they are versatile because you can change out your flowers every season for a new design.
  • Retaining walls can be incorporated into outdoor kitchens for grilling and dining. These walls also offer additional seating for you and your family to enjoy.

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Irrigation System

When it comes to your landscape, watering your grass and plants with an irrigation system is vital for proper nourishment and growth. Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping installs smart sprinkler systems that ensure your landscape is receiving the correct amount of water while conserving our natural resource. Below we have common reasons why you should upgrade your irrigation system.landscaping allegheny county pa

  • An upgraded irrigation system offers convenience to homeowners with technological advances such as low-volume spray heads and features that let you monitor your system from virtually anywhere on your smart devices.
  • If you have expanded your lawn to feature more flower and vegetable gardens, installing an irrigation system that covers more square footage is essential for proper growth.
  • If you experience expensive water bills when you water your lawn, you should upgrade your sprinkler system with a conservative distribution spray head.
  • When homeowners add patios, sidewalks, and walkways to their lawn, this could cause drainage problems, leaving problematic puddles. An updated irrigation system can help regulate water distribution.
  • It is time to upgrade to a higher-efficiency sprinkler if you start to notice your grass has a lot of insects or fungi. This occurs when your plants are receiving too much or too little water.

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5 Reasons to Use Patio Pavers

sprinkler system installation sewickley pa Our hardscape contractors at Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping recommend our patio and walkway pavers to many homeowners to help enhance their overall property value and outdoor enjoyment.  We install our patio pavers to create durable driveways, walkways, and outdoor patio areas. See below for the five reasons why you should use patio pavers.

  • Durability

Patio pavers are made of incredibly durable materials that allow for heavy usage and traffic. Pavers are known to withstand substantial weight and pressure.

  • Easy Repairs

Since pavers are an interlocking system of stones, if one of the pavers becomes damaged or cracked the repair process is simple and inexpensive.

  • Versatility

Pavers come in many different shapes, sizes, and color combinations that are sure to fit your overall design and budget.

  • Cost

Compared to conventional concrete and asphalt, pavers tend to cost a little more but have a quick installation process while typically being longer lasting.

  • Weather-Resistant

Pavers are ready to use the minute you lay them down in your yard. Unlike concrete, the installation process requires a few hours or days to dry completely before using.

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Ways to Include Hardscaping Features into Your Yard

hardscaping allegheny county paEnhance your yards overall aesthetic and functionality with help from our hardscaping in Allegheny County, PA. Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping offers affordable hardscaping services featuring our VERSA-LOK blocks and Omnistone pavers. Below we have curated a list of ways to include hardscaping features into your yard.

Outdoor Kitchen

Host your next outdoor barbeque in style with a functional outdoor kitchen built from our VERSA-LOK blocks. Outdoor kitchens are great for enhancing your home’s overall value while adding convenience to any outdoor cookout.


Enjoy the colder months this winter with an outdoor fireplace in your backyard. Fireplaces are great for eating s’mores and having great conversations with friends and family.


Create a walkway through your yard with our Omnistone pavers to allow your guests to find their way more accessible. This will allow your guests to have a defined pathway while not ruining your grass from footprints.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great addition to your lawn because they add dimension and texture to your space while showcasing your flowers and plants. Retaining walls are also great for preventing movement of your soil and by providing support to slopes found in your lawn.

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How to Incorporate Water Features into Your Landscape

water features sewickley pawater features sewickley paAdd serenity and beauty to your landscape with our affordable water features in Sewickley, PA. Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping design unique water designs that improve the overall value of your home. Check below to learn fun ways you can incorporate water features into your landscape.

  • Pools- Incorporating a pool into your landscape is one of the most popular choices when considering fun water features. Pools are a great source of entertainment and exercise while adding increased value to your investment if you choose to sell your house one day.
  • Ponds- Ponds offer a peaceful and calm effect to your outdoor space, creating an authentic ambiance and aesthetic. Homeowners can fill their ponds with beautiful water lilies or colorful koi fish to add to their desired visual.
  • Hot Tub- Having a hot tub in your backyard is like having a personal massage therapist. Hot tubs offer functionality to your life because it helps you unwind from the day while providing you a way to relax and rejuvenate with the jets and warm water.
  • Fountains- Fountains improve the overall appearance of your landscape and add a sense of glamour to your yard. Our design specialists can create water-conservative fountains that are useful yet beautiful.

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The Different Uses & Types of Mulch

lawn care services beaver county paImproving your landscaping design and curb appeal is easy with the use of mulch. Look to our lawn care services in Beaver County, PA to enhance your yard with our wide variety of mulch options. Below we have many different ways you could incorporate mulch into your landscape.

  • Rock mulches are used in perennial flower beds as a soil covering to help protect against water retention, excess heat, and weed control. Although rocks mulch adds texture and color to your flower bed, its primary function is to aid in the growth of your flowers.
  • We recommend incorporating wood chip mulch on top of your soil in your garden because it allows for nitrogen to reach the stems of your vegetables best.
  • Pebble mulch is often used for pathways and driveways in your yard because it allows water to drain quickly, unlike other materials, such as cement and asphalt.
  • Pumice Rock is also used in flower beds because it protects your plants from excess water retention due to its porous texture.

When it comes to creating a unique landscape, look to the professionals at Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping. We offer double-shredded dark bark mulch, chocolate brown mulch, cherry brown mulch, and midnight black mulch. Contact us today at (724) 775-0808 to learn more about our services and pricing.

Fall Flowers for Your Garden

lawn care beaver county palawn care beaver county paFall into autumn by adding beautiful perennials to your yard that will pop against the yellow and red fallen leaves. If you are searching for affordable lawn care in Beaver County, PA, turn to Tuma Lawn to create your dreamscape. Below we have our favorite fall flowers you should incorporate into your garden.

  • Perennial Sunflower

While the annual sunflowers tend to be a fan favorite, the perennial sunflower that’s known as “Leon Queen” is the real show stopper. These golden beauties begin to bloom late summer and early fall while popping against the red, autumn leaves.

  • Russian Sage

Russian Sage adds a great color difference in the typical autumn hues. With its light blue and silver shades, this plant is a beautiful addition to the red and yellow leaves. It also adds a pleasant smell to your garden.

  • Goldenrod

Goldenrods are a fall favorite due to their bloom schedule starting late summer and going into early autumn. Goldenrods add a beautiful yellow hue to your landscape and help the ecosystem by providing food for the birds, butterflies and other insects.

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Welcome to Tuma Lawn’s Blog

 lawn care allegheny county paWelcome to Tuma Lawn’s Blog! We are proud to be your go-to family-owned lawn care in Allegheny County, PA. We strive to offer unique landscaping solutions with comprehensive and affordable approaches. Our team of landscaping specialists provides remodeling services that enhance your home’s overall aesthetic and value. Below we have listed a few ways our design team can create the yard of your dreams.

  • Prepare for the colder months with our fire pit installation services. Imagine snuggling up with your friends and family around our affordable fire pits while listening to crackling flames and enjoying delicious s’mores, swoon.
  • Brighten your yard’s curb appeal with our affordable planting and mulching services. We offer in-season flowers and a wide variety of mulch colors.
  • Give your grass some love with our efficient sprinkler systems. Our skilled team can install smart sprinklers that conserve water and energy.
  • Our water structures such as our soothing waterfalls and ponds, improve the beauty and aesthetic of your landscape.
  • Add functionality and beauty to your yard with our retaining walls. We offer a wide selection of styles and color options to best fit your needs.
  • Our patio pavers come in many different styles and patterns to help lay the path of style in your landscape.

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