Ways to Include Hardscaping Features into Your Yard

hardscaping allegheny county paEnhance your yards overall aesthetic and functionality with help from our hardscaping in Allegheny County, PA. Tuma Lawn Service & Landscaping offers affordable hardscaping services featuring our VERSA-LOK blocks and Omnistone pavers. Below we have curated a list of ways to include hardscaping features into your yard.

Outdoor Kitchen

Host your next outdoor barbeque in style with a functional outdoor kitchen built from our VERSA-LOK blocks. Outdoor kitchens are great for enhancing your home’s overall value while adding convenience to any outdoor cookout.


Enjoy the colder months this winter with an outdoor fireplace in your backyard. Fireplaces are great for eating s’mores and having great conversations with friends and family.


Create a walkway through your yard with our Omnistone pavers to allow your guests to find their way more accessible. This will allow your guests to have a defined pathway while not ruining your grass from footprints.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great addition to your lawn because they add dimension and texture to your space while showcasing your flowers and plants. Retaining walls are also great for preventing movement of your soil and by providing support to slopes found in your lawn.

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